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Climate Action

Climate change is, or should be, the most important of environmental topics. Our planet is warming up, our ice caps are receding, our seas increasing in height. We can expect more environmental devastation and human tragedy as a result. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are a wake up call for us all.

The climate crisis facing humanity and the planet presents us with a great opportunity.  The solutions to prevent the worst consequences of human-caused global warming are solutions to many other problems.  As we create a fossil-free energy future, we will create a more healthy, prosperous, and peaceful world.

Climate Action Project Activities

Local Greenhouse Gas Reduction. 
CAP promoted the adoption of the ICLEI Cities For Climate Protection Program greenhouse gas reduction plan by the County of Humboldt, which was adopted unanimously by the Board of Supervisors in December 2007.  We are monitoring the progress of this program and want to encourage citizen support and involvement.  Redwood Coast Energy Authority is currently completing the first step – the County-wide greenhouse gas inventory.

General Plan Update. 
The Humboldt County General Plan provides for the long-term direction of growth and development in the Humboldt County.  It is critical that climate concerns are part of the planning process, so that as future growth occurs, greenhouse gas emissions are minimized.  The County is in the final stages of the General Plan Update ProcessHealthy Humboldt is evaluating the elements and encouraging citizen involvement. 

Past Activities

HSU Focus The Nation 2008
Teach-In and Town Hall meeting.  Collaborated with the HSU Focus the Nation Club.  Obtained sponsorship from PG&E, Appropriate Power, Six Rivers Solar, News Channel 3 and collaborated with the Sierra Club, HSU Natural History Museum, and the City of Arcata.  Town Hall meeting held at Arcata City Hall featured a weblink conversation between Congressman Mike Thompson and several student representatives.  The meeting was broadcast on Access Channel 10 and KHSU.

Held a press conference highlighting the dangers of sea level rise to the infrastructure around Humboldt Bay.  There was press coverage in the Times Standard, Eureka Reporter, and the Arcata Eye.

KidPower! pilot program tested in 10 classrooms.
Energy and climate education curriculum was developed for elementary classrooms and was supported by a Rose Foundation Grant.

Quilt raffle, wine booth at the 2007 North Country Fair, & Dana Quillman's birthday bash.


10 Good Reasons to Take Action on Global Warming

  1. Our national security depends on energy independence
  2. Indigenous people and the poor are most vulnerable to weather instability, drought, and disease caused by global warming
  3. Decreased mountain snow pack threatens salmon and farmers
  4. A clean energy future means more jobs and a strong economy
  5. Energy efficiency in homes and businesses saves money
  6. Melting polar ice will result in dangerously rising sea levels
  7. Oil is becoming more scarce and more expensive
  8. Global warming is devastating our natural world
  9. Clean energy and energy conservation is better for our health
  10. We have a moral obligation to future generations

Four Things You Can Do This Week

Educate yourself and others about global warming
Explore the links on this web site and sign up on our email list to get the latest info. Talk to your friends and family and representatives about clean energy.

Change your light bulbs
Replacing just four standard bulbs with compact fluorescents will save 2½ tons of carbon dioxide and save you $100 in electricity over the life of the bulb.

Use plug strips for your phantom loads
Many appliances are always on and using energy, even if they are turned off! Put your TVs, DVD players, stereos, computers, and other home entertainment appliances on plug strips and turn them off until you need them. The same goes for microwave cookers and even gas ranges that have AC plugs!

Carpool, walk, bike, or take public transportation
Do it for one trip per week when you would otherwise drive.