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About Redwood Alliance

Redwood Alliance color logoA Brief History

Redwood Alliance is a grassroots organization that deals mainly with energy issues. Formed in 1978 by a group of individuals concerned about our nation's growing reliance on nuclear power, our first successful fight was to force PG&E to permanently shut down the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant in Eureka, CA.

We have also won our next biggest fight, getting PG&E to remove spent fuel from the dangerous spent fuel pool, putting it in dry cask storage. Now that is complete, and PG&E will begin dismantling this ill-conceived plant. PG&E intends to have it completely gone, except for the spent fuel in dry cask storage, in 2017.

We also became a member group of the Abalone Alliance (1977–1985). Abalone Alliance was a nonviolent civil disobedience group formed to shut down the Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant near San Luis Obispo (on the central California coast). They modeled their affinity group-based organizational structure after the Clamshell Alliance which was then protesting the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in coastal New Hampshire. The group of activists took the name Abalone Alliance referring to the tens of thousands of wild California red abalone that were killed in 1974 in Diablo Cove when the unit's plumbing had its first hot flush.

Today, Redwood Alliance works on a range of issues, including nuclear waste, human-caused climate change (global warming), and renewable energy.

Our Mission Statement

The Redwood Alliance is a community-based social and environmental organization whose main focus is advocacy and education to promote safe and efficient energy use and development.

Redwood Alliance Needs Your Support!

Redwood Alliance is primarily funded through charitable contributions from people who appreciate what we do. If you like what you see here, and would like to see it continue please contribute by clicking the Donate button to the right.